Play Membership

Our newest play membership allows any child to become a fun member with full and unlimited access to all

Play Zones and Fun 'n' Learn areas at Fun City, Fun Ville, Fun Works, Fun Block, and Tridom locations across the UAE.

How cool is that!

Memberships are available for 1 month at AED 115 per child.

What’s more, this membership is a perfect excuse for those who have yet to try the fun-filled experiences of Fun City to come and experience its large array of activities for children in its centers. With themes that include imaginative play, social and pretend play, dress-up and role play along with fine-motor skills development, games, sliding, jumping and climbing, the centers ensure entertainment with value-based learning experiences. Is your child a Fun Member yet?

pricing is VAT inclusive

Please note that membership is not valid at Fun City - Arabian Center.

Over 150,000 members